Tuesday, 23 August 2016

WOYWW #377

 Well boy has time really flowing by for me and I am back from a short break for WOYWW. Head over to our wonderful Julia's site who created all this amazing desk hopping.

Let me start out by saying my husband and I decided to go on a 9 day trip to Kelowna, British Columbia to visit his family, flight was booked and we where off in less then 24 hours the last week of July til til first week of August. It was just a vacation for the two of us and left our children at home but let me say their 20, 18 and almost 17 now and ground rules where laid down firm. We have great girls to.......and they where all fine and so house.

So what have I been up to lately......

Here is an over look of my work space and yes it has been all tidied and cleaned up as my oldest daughter spilled her coffee and it seemly went over both tables and at that time you could not see either table as it has been a dumping ground with things I have purchased and been making. I am glad to say after a month I have put it all away.

Here is a close up of my new Happy Planner I picked up and right beside it is a large pile of printed stickers. I do not have my Cricut hocked up to the craft room so I am fussy cutting them all out and yes it seems crazy to print out so many at once but we are using my husbands printer due to all the colour cartridges he has for his.......he thought he needed colour but not as many as he goes though black so much more with all the documents at work. So bonus for me I have only used one full one and have so many more to go.

Here is the other table with the album in the top I just have to put a few photo matts in and decorate the cover. The pen and glue runner is for my dear sister in law Josie who loved the album when they came for a visit in earlier July. So I am going to finish it all up and send it in the mail soon. The album is a new one I made as soon as we got back from vacation just had to play with paper and glue as it had been so long. I am just adding the photo mats and a bit of decorating and this one will be done. 

Also I did finish another one of my summer layouts for the local stores challenge and 6 left to do by the end of August....not sure I will make it but I am loving the ones I have made and have a few others on the go but did loss a few things due to the coffee spill and it really isn't to noticeable on this layout as I did my best to clean it up.

Just want to say thank you to everyone who is visiting and leaves me such wonderful comments as it trully brightens my day.  I am going to try my best today to hop around to as many desks as I can before we leave to Edmonton as my husband and I are taking his brother for heart surgery as it is a drive to get there and he has to be there for Thursday early morning. We're back to Friday afternoon and then we are leaving next week down to Calgary for business meeting for his company. So I will do my best to get around and to everyone have a fantastic week.

Hugs ~Anne 😎

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

WOYWW #371

Hello everyone and it's Wednesday so is is desk peeking time and if you are new to this pop over to Lunch Lady Jan's site as she is leading the pack while our dear Julia is recovering from surgery. Have fun and join in to a desk hop every Wednesday to see what such creative friends are up to.

Well to my desk or I should more say desks as I taken up two this last week. Okay here is a snap shot of desk one......


Well I have almost finished the mini album just decorating the front cover which is seeming to take its sweet time as I am not exactly sure what to put on it. When I am completely finished I will post up detailed pictures. and to the left is the paper pad and coloured distressed paper I used. So basicly it sitting on my main desk so if I do come up with an idea it is ready to finish.Now to desk two....

Here is my summer challenge I am doing at the local scrapbooking store which entails making eight 12x12 layouts for the for July and August. I did make a post earlier which has a detailed list of the items I received in my kit.Here is the link if you want to see all the items
As you can see I have started one of the layouts not yet finished but when I am finished but it is a camping layout. I do have some ideas started for other layouts as they are piling up in the top left hand corner not sure I will use them all but am having fun with my Cricut cutting things out when I have a minute here and there. In the mini photo case is he embellisments that came in the kit so not to get mixed up with other things that float around my desk and I did pick up a few wood shapes that I might use on them also ....who knows at this point but once this one is done 7 left to go.

Yes and I also received some mail my ATC from Sue Jone from the WOYWW anniversary swap which is gorgeous love the hand pained flower must remember to ask her what she used to colour it in I love the vibrant colors and the shine to it. The left is a pocket letter from my sister Nikki Halloween style and it was a great surprise from here and I know it isn't a true pocket letter and there is no note but really where sister and no letter required besides two extra pockets for

There flip side of the pocket letter which holds one set of coloured images I so love of hers and a few extra blank stamped out ones for me to colour. I am not the best at colour in images but practice makes perfect....maybe.

There it is seemed to be a tad longer post then I thought it would be there goes my keep it quick. I will try to hop to as many desks as I can but I am doing a few things around the house before my sister in law and her family shows up thrusday to stay with us for a bit and then I work in the afternoon so I am sorry if I don't get around to everyone but will I will try my best to get to as many as I can. Also I would like to say thank you to everyone who popped by last week and left comments for me and it trully brighten my day 😎. Have a fantastic WOYWW everyone and a wonderful week.
Hugs ~Anne 

Summer Challenge 2016

Here is my summer challenge for the local scrapbooking store where I live. It came with the follow items in a kit to make eight 12x12 layouts every week. When completed your name gets entered for a prize......not sure what yet but I am up for the this challenge.

List of paper from the left down is the coloured card stock, shimmer textured bright green with gold, Bazzill white, peacock, sour apple and pollen. Designer paper top left to right is Bo Bunny Lemonade stand, Lemonade Stand Clear Skies, Lemonade Stand Chill Out, Echo Park All about a Boy yoyos, Bo Bunny Boardwalk, Boardwalk Sail Away, Boardwalk Playtime, and from the bottom left to right, 
Simple Stories Enchanted Rose, Beauty, Carta Bella Sunglasses, swimsuits,Basic Grey Konnichiwa Sui Sui,  Jillibean Pasta Fagioli Meatballs, Little Yellow Bicycle Vintage Summer VS-109, VS-108.

Also it came with a few embellishments and ephemera of an assortment to use on the layouts, I am not exactly sure on all the products but wood elements, Cricut cuts, chipboard, Stickers and more.

So here is the kit and I will post the layouts when I finish each one.

Thanks for peeking 
Hugs ~Anne 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

WOYWW #370

Wednesday is upon us again and it is the day of the week to hope around from desk to desk and see what everyone has been up to. If you don't know what it is all about head over to Lady Jan's blog to join up as she is hosting while Julia is recovering from surgery

Okay to now what you have come for a peek of my desk but I am working from the kitchen table Tuesday night as I have my stuff in a bin to take with me to work. I am glad to say I am so close to to being done and I will post pictures of it all when done. 

Also I did receive in the mail a ATC from Andrea from WOYWW anniversary swap and she enclosed it in a card with a few extra goodies. I do so love the die cut of the butterfly and glad it arrived before the Canada post gets locked out this Friday.

My days are filled with cleaning our camper and house getting ready for family to come next Wednesday or Thursday when they arrive. I will hope around to as many desks today as I can before I am off to work and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by last week leaving me such wonderful comments and appreciate each one greatly. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Hugs ~Anne 😎

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

WOYWW. #369

Well it is already that time again to show my desk and here it is ....

I have once again gotten back to the album I was working on awhile ago wanting to finish it up I hope this week to start on some new projects. Also I finished the challenge layout from last week for the local scrapbook store and here are a few pictures one of the whole layout and a few close ups. 

This is the hand drawn tv I made which I love retro look of it and am trying to draw up a template to post if anyone wants to use it for a layout. So that is coming soon I hope. This is a super short post today as my keyboard is charging for my I pad and it isn't easy to working like this.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped bye last week and commented I really appreciate everyone's kind words. I will try to get to as many blogs hopping around before work and have been busy as family is coming for a visit and lots to do before the arrive. Have a wonderful Wednesday to everyone and do what makes you happy😀🤗😀
Hugs ~ Anne 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

WOYWW #368

Head over to our wonderful Lady Jen blog for more information and to join as she is running it while darling Julia is recovering from her surgery. It is so great to travel the world via Internet and see what  so many creative spaces and artists.

It is Wednesday and it is time to have a quick glimpse at my desk with things I have been doing. I would of liked to have finished more this weekend but things happened and didn't have the crafting days I wanted. But I guess that does happen......... 

Here is me my new challenge layout I am working on for the local scrapbook store. As soon as I saw the  ephemera and paper I thought of a T.V playing video games. So I wasn't sure how the television should look and decided to draw one out using a light wood grain paper like back in the day. I did fussy cut out from the scrap paper a few robots to fill in the empty space. You can see my hand made template in the left corner. The black letters I am using for the title which I haven't decided on yet but  I need to get done before the end of the month. As soon as I have finished I will post the completed layout. 

Here is the other table I have been working at or bringing up the paper to sit at the kitchen table to be closer to the puppy and the back door until he is better house trained. I went to Micaels and picked up  another large photo case holder to I could hold all the little pieces ready to use. in the right corner I have started stamping out and cutting a few sets of the Tim Hotlz mini bird set for my sister not sure I will have enough time to finish it before Canada post strikes crossing fingers they don't. I am glad my sister birthday parcel arrived as it isn't late but excited she got it as it has been eight years since we last where in the same room together, but glad she liked everything. To the right is the pile of paper I still plan to fussy cut out. 

I did finish something this week these paper camera paper clips which where cut out on my Cricut some time ago and found them in my to finish bin I forgot about. So I glued them to paper clips and added them into my mini album book I made just after last year from a tutorial on line from a video on you tube (couldn't find the video to in how to make the book will look it down if anyone wants to make one for themselves) will still look for it but I can hear a thunder storm rolling in again and had problems last week with the rain storms we had losing internet at times. 

Want to also say thank you to everyone who visited and commented last week. Have a spectacular week everyone and thank you for stopping to take a peek.
Hugs ~Anne 😋

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

WOYWW #367

Here it is already Wednesday and it is time to see what I have been doing on my desk. Julia the creator of this magical Wednesday is taking a break from surgery and recovering at home but Lady Jan has been hosting it to keep the weeks rolling forward and the link is ........
For more info to our dear Julia who started this her site is

For what you stopped by for my desk and not much as you can see is happening....

I put aside the mini album which is waiting to be finished but I Have cleaned up some of that bomb explosion I had last week and am almost finished. Yippie 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 The biggest thing I did finish is off in the mail heading to my sister is here birthday box of goodies. The only real thing was after watching a few fun tutorials on you tube and surfing Pinterest I ransacked my paper to find sheets I can cut apart and make my own ephemera. So I can take a few sheets and sit, cut and maybe watch a movie since I don't have a television downstairs makes the time pass. I took a quick snap of some paper I found that seems like it will work.


I did receive a few ATC in the mail and they are stunning on the top right is Cindy's to the top left is Julia's and at the bottom in Angela's. Thank you so much ladies for swapping with me I so love your cards and it was great to get mail. I am going to hang another display string to hang them up on the wall.

Thank you also to everyone last week who stopped by and commented and other good news my two furry babies are finally feeling better and they are back to there playful selves. Have a wonderful day and do what makes you HAPPY!😎
Hugs ~ Anne